School 2024 Quals 2024


Ugra CTF Quals 2024

≤5 persons

team size


flags start with ugra_

February 10 · 12:00

start, Ugra time (UTC+5)

36 hours

total duration


Telegram channel for important announcements


Telegram chat for questions


Teams of up to five people are allowed to participate.

The qualification stage is fully online. Teams which have members who are not school students are only allowed to participate in the unofficial standings and are not eligible to advance to the finals, regardless of their score. However, all scores, both official and unofficial, will be uploaded to CTFtime.

You can sign up until the end of the qualification stage. When you open the challenge board for the first time, you’ll no longer be able to add or remove team members.


During the game, it is prohibited to:

Attack the infrastucture

Publish or share the challenges

Share flags with other teams


The duration of the competition is 36 hours. We may extend this time to compensate for unexpected circumstances, should they happen.

Participants get the challenges (also called tasks). The final answer for a challenge is called a flag: it is a string that matches the regular expression ugra[A-Za-z0-9_]{2,} — for example, ugra_ex4mpl3.

Challenges are published in the challenge board which can be accessed by logging in as a team.

Submitting a flag increases the team’s score by the cost of the challenge. The team with the biggest score wins. Among the teams that have the same score, the team whose last successful submission happened earlier wins.

After the game

When the game ends, the results will be announced, and the writeups for the challenges will be published. Electronic participation certificates will be available when the scores are finalized.

Members of best teams of the official standings will be invited to participate in the finals on March 30. We intend to conduct the finals on-site in several venues across Russia, but it might change. Follow the announcements.

Participants who score best in the finals will get valuable prizes.

Good to know

The organizers publish official information about the competition at, in the @teamteam Telegram channel and in the competition’s challenge board.

You can contact the organizers by email — — or via the @ugractf Telegram chat.

These rules may be changed at any time before the qualification stage starts. The up-to-date version is always available at

Competition regulations and formal rules are available only in Russian.